February 26, 2024

Discression Against Error System on E-Government in Fulfillment of Public Services

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Good public service is a hope for the whole community as mandated by the constitution of Article 34 paragraph (3) of Jo Law no. 25 Year 2009 on Public Service. One of the manifestations of bureaucratic reform in public services is e-government. The presence of e-government provides a refresher to the entire community to get a professional, modern, and reliable public service. However, it is not always the public service system that has changed from the manual system to the online system with e-government can run perfectly without problems (system error), so the government should be able to provide solutions when government services that have been transformed based on e-government experienced system error. Based on Article 53 paragraph (2) of Law no. 30 Year 2014 on Government Administration, If there is a system error of more than 10 (ten) days and the government does not proactively provide solutions (discretion), then the silence of the government in running the public service can be qualified as maladminsitrasi action.

Keywords: E-Government, Public Services, Discretion, Maladministration.

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